Many people think that marriage is like planting a tree.  You spend a lot of time picking out just the right one at the tree farm. You inspect it thoroughly. You pick one that is appealing to you, one that is just the right size, the type of tree you can grow old with & will fit in with your foreseeable landscaping plans. Then, after buying some expensive potting soil and some fertilizer …you plant it! And voila! Having done your due diligence, you water it a few times… and expect the tree just to take off on its own. Your work is done.

But Marriage is nothing like planting a tree. In fact, it’s far more like building a great brick house. It has to be put it together brick by brick throughout all the seasons of life. It requires you to keep adding bricks even if you are tired, or mad, or busy. You have to invest in good tools and solid bricks and taller ladders.  And if ever you stop, at any point along the way, even if you get 80% of the way done… that house doesn’t finish itself and will never function as it was Designed. In fact, when you stop building… the house will actually start to crumble. And when the storms pour in-and they will pour in… things get worse -fast.

So how do you build and keep a life-long loving marriage?

Become a marriage bricklayer instead of a marriage tree-planter.

A good marriage isn’t something you should plan to leave alone. You need to keep reading the Blueprint and stay in touch with The Architect. Marriage is something you have to plan on building…and keep building.
Come join us for the Marriage Retreat and put another brick or two into the house of marriage that you are building – together.

Couples Marriage Retreat 

November 10-12, 2016

Daytona Beach Resort

Married couples of all ages are invited to our annual Couples Retreat. Registration forms are at the Info Desk in the Foyer or online here.  Completed registration forms can be given to Sherry Barber along with $100 non-refundable deposit. Deposit is due October 9 and balance by October 30.

Marriage analogy written by Sherry Barber adapted from Gary Thomas ~ Sacred Marriage


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