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April Faith Day is Sunday, April 1, 2018.  Please be in prayer about how God would have you participate in the April Faith Day Offering.  Pray, believing God wants to use you in a significant way.  Pray, believing God will glorify Himself in our town through our sacrificial giving.  Pray, believing you are storing up treasure in Heaven.  Pray, believing that our God is great and greatly to be praised in and through our lives on April Faith Day.

What is April Faith Day?

In September of 1999, Pastor Osborne came to a Deacon Meeting with the idea of taking a special offering on the first Sunday in April.  He set a goal of $50,000 and proposed putting $20,000 in the Building Fund and giving the rest of the offering away.  April 2, 2000 came and April Faith Day was born.  Roughly $48,000 was collected on that first April Faith Day.  $20,000 was given to Camp Sparta.  Another $10,000 was split between two separate missionaries.

Since 2000, April Faith Day has become an annual tradition at FBC.  Every year, on the first Sunday in April, we give an extraordinary and sacrificial offering to the Lord.  The purpose of the offering changes each year.  Some years our offering has gone exclusively to Faith’s 100.  For several years we were in the midst of a Capital Campaign and added the April Faith Day offering to the Building Fund.

What is the largest April Faith Day Offering?

In 2017, our April Faith Day Offering was over $259,000.  Since 2000, we (FBC) have given over $2,542,000 through April Faith Day Offerings.  Praise the Lord!

How many gifts have been given out of the April Faith Day Offering?

Over 40 gifts totaling $336,500 have been distributed.  Some of those who have received a gift include:  Camp Sparta, Johnny Binzel, Gil & Denise Thomas, Walter McDonald, Tim & Pam Darling, Gospel Literature Services, Kent Craig, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Paul Osborn, Sunshine Baptist Fellowship, David & Anora Totman, Camp Grace (Bobby Williams), EBM, Togbe Emmanuel, Camp Gilead, Adelphos, an orphanage in Haiti, Jared Malcolm, FBC Adoption Fund, Philippine church-planting project, and the Florida Baptist Children’s Home Porchlight Light Program.

What gifts will we be giving this year?

  • $15,000 to FBM Missionaries Ken & BJ Armstrong to assist with the Orphanage ministry in Indonesia
  • $3,000 to Child Evangelism Fellowship, Buffalo, NY Chapter – led by Brian Ide
  • The remainder of the offering will go towards to our Faith’s 100 Missionary Program.

How can I give to the April Faith Day Offering?

You can give cash or a check made payable to “Faith Baptist Church.”  Simply mark your contribution “April Faith Day.”  Also, you can give online securely through this special link.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about April Faith Day.