(originally posted on May 13, 2008)

This past Sunday morning, Pastor Osborne preached a message entitledExterminating Marital Pests from Ephesians 5:13-21. Here are the five destructive pests that Pastor Osborne pointed out.

  1. The Pest of Confusion (v. 15)
    1. Propaganda against marriage
    2. Complexity of relationships
    3. Immaturity
  2. The Pest of Busyness (v. 16)
    1. Irritability
    2. Lack of Communication
    3. Impatience; Preoccupation
    4. Feelings of Disconnection and Distance
  3. The Pest of Insensitivity (v. 17)
    1. Calloused
    2. Impervious to Your Spouse’s Feelings
    3. Inconsiderate (I don’t care)
  4. The Pest of Escapism (v. 18)
    1. Running away from Responsibility
    2. Running away from Pain
    3. Running to a destructive habit
  5. The Pest of Stubbornness (v. 19-21)
    1. Holy Wedlock turns to Unholy Deadlock

Pastor Osborne closed with three steps to Exterminate the Pests in your marriage.

  1. Admit that the pests are there.
  2. Communicate all the ways to control them.
  3. Start Right Now!

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