Sunday is Father’s Day. It is a time for all of us to honor and remember our fathers. As I think about Father’s Day I approach it in two different ways.

First, I think of my father, Gary Simpson. My father is my hero. He has set an incredible example of Godliness for me to follow. He has loved my mother for almost 40 years of marriage. He has loved me and my brother and he loves our wives and our children. He has supported me in everything I have ever done. I have never been ashamed of my father. I have never been embarrassed by my father. I have always highly respected my father. When I think of him, I pray that I will be just like him. So, as I approach Father’s Day, my first thought is to honor my father. I love him. I appreciate him. I respect him. I honor him.

My second approach to Father’s Day is to consider my own role as a father. This will be my second Father’s Day as a father. This day reminds me of my tremendous responsibility to be a Godly father to my daughter Abigail and any future children that the Lord blesses me with. Father’s Day serves as a wake-up call. It causes me to evaluate the job I’ve done as father over the past year. It causes me to pray that I will do a better job this year.

As I approach Father’s Day, I pray that one day my children will look at me in the same way that I look at my father.


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