In 1 Samuel 12 the prophet Samuel is addressing the nation of Israel. Towards the end of the chapter he warns them to not turn aside from the following the Lord. In verse 21 Samuel says, “And do not turn aside after empty things that cannot profit or deliver, for they are empty.” (ESV) This verse was such a rebuke to me as I read it because there are so many ’empty things’ that I turn aside after, empty things that have no lasting value.

For example, I will gladly stay up late watching the most meaningless Olympic events. Yet, I never stay up late for some extra Bible study time or for extra time in prayer. When you stop and think about it, who really cares who won the semifinal of the men’s 200m race? Talk about something that does not “profit or deliver!”

So, examine your life. Are there some ’empty things’ that are demanding your time and energy? Let’s all work diligently at identifying those things in our life which are empty and replace them with things that are full of value and worth.


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