Here are some interesting thoughts about the Eyes and Voice of a Dove. We recently had an Eurasian Collared Dove land in our yard today. What a lovely bird, with such a soft color. I always enjoy watching them.

The Eyes of A Dove:

White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica) Eye up close by ReinierHow beautiful you are, my darling, How beautiful you are! Your eyes are like doves.” (Song of Solomon 1:15 NASB)

Solomon is describing his love with terms that today we do not hear in that connection. How romantic to have your eyes compared to a dove’s eyes. At first it seems rather weird, but when you know what dove’s eyes actually look like, you realize that they ARE very beautiful.

Then she describes Solomon.

His eyes are like doves Beside streams of water, Bathed in milk, And reposed in their setting. (Song of Solomon 5:12 NASB)

John Gill’s Exposition of the Whole Bible says of this verse, referring to the meekness of Christ:
his eyes are like “doves’ eyes”; not fierce and furious, but loving and lovely; looking upon his people, under all their trials and afflictions, with sympathy and concern, to deliver them out of them: and like the eyes of doves. “

The Voice of A Dove:
Then in chapter 2, Solomon goes on to use the dove again to describe her voice.

“Come, my shy and modest dove– leave your seclusion, come out in the open. Let me see your face, let me hear your voice. For your voice is soothing and your face is ravishing.” (Song of Solomon 2:14 MSG)

“It is fixed: She is stripped, she is carried away, And her handmaids are moaning like the sound of doves, Beating on their breasts.” (Nahum 2:7 NASB)

Audio by Andrew Spencer of Mourning Dove’s song.

John Gill’s Exposition of the Whole Bible says, “as with the voice of doves, tabering upon their breasts; mourning like doves, inwardly and secretly, not daring to express their sorrow more publicly, because of their enemies; but knocking and beating upon their breasts, as men do upon tabrets or drums, thereby expressing the inward grief of their minds; see Eze_7:16.”

Audio of Mourning Dove beating its wings by Andrew Spencer

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Doves are in the Columbidae Family of the Columbiformes Order


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