In 2007, Pastor Osborne preached a series of 10 sermons through the book of Esther.  Today we would like to draw your attention to that first message in the series.  It was entitled Esther – The Providence of God.  In that message Pastor Osborne brought out three concluding thoughts:

  1. If we understand the providence of God, and love the God of providence, we are able to worship Him with the sacrifice of praise He deserves, even when things occur that bring pain and sorrow.
  2. We must realize that just as God planned Esther’s life, so has God planned ours.  We must learn to ignore the loud noises of our surroundings and listen to the still small voice of providence.
  3. We must learn that God, though invisible, is invincible.

You can listen to Esther – The Providence of God at our website or you can download  it to your ipod or mp3 player.  There you will also find all of the messages in the Esther series.  They are listed below:


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