This past summer, Hannah and Rebekah Wilkins went on a short term missions trip to Glennallen, Alaska.  I asked Hannah to share some of their experiences with us.

As you may or may not know this summer my sister Rebekah and I were very fortunate to serve God in the remote town of Glennallen, Alaska. While there we worked at KCAM which is a station under the Northern Light Network – a mission formed for one purpose: reaching the lost in Alaska for the cause of Christ.

Two weeks into our time in Alaska there were some major staffing changes. Old management was replaced and Rebekah and I feared we would be sent home since our original agreement was to work with the old management. We prayed that God would work through the situation, and to the praise of God’s glory we were asked to stay on and help the Northern Light Network through this time of transition.

The Lord extremely blessed us while in Alaska and we are ever thankful for the experience.

Radio missions in Glennallen is a hard, slow, tedious, yet highly rewarding ministry. Every day while we were there we were given new challenges and to the praise of God’s glory we were able to overcome them.

My responsibility as an on-air personality was a direct answer to prayer. I was able to obtain serious hands-on training that I could have never received in school. In the extremely small area of Glennallen, Alaska, KCAM is the only AM station on the dial. It was a blessing to be able to see first hand the direct influence of the station on the community.

While working with KCAM Rebekah was able to finish the preliminary work on the KCAM website and worked with the Northern Light Network’s missions advertising manager Lou Ulrich and his wife Andrea.

We spent a lot of time with Lou and Andrea Ulrich while in Alaska. As an older couple with no children they sort of adopted us and made sure we had everything we need. This was extremely crucial for us since we were in such a new and strange place. They saw that we got to church every Sunday. We attended a church called Tazlina Fellowship which was a half native half white church on an Ahtna indian reservation. It was a blessing to see God moving in the native community. We were so happy to be in a church that preached the exclusiveness of the Gospel and that salvation comes only through belief in Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. This was especially refreshing since a lot of Alaskans adopt the mindset of “many paths to heaven”.

We know that we were called to Alaska for “such a time as this” for the three and a half months we were there. Right now we’re praying and seeking God’s will on wether it’s His will for us to return. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we seek jobs in this current economy. We love you all very much and are very glad to be home. Thank you for your support and prayers.


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