Last night was our Music Camp 2011 program.  The children put on a spectacular program entitled “Esther-Ordinary Faith.”   All of last week was spent preparing the program – learning the songs, choosing the parts, learning the motions, working with the actors, etc.  Here are some thoughts regarding this year’s Music Camp.

  1. It is simply amazing to consider what these children can learn in only one week!
  2. We really missed Reagan Osborne this year…
  3. Music Camp would be a disaster without Jill Foster & Mary Nance.
  4. The 9 lead actors were fantastic.  They displayed strong emotion, excellent timing, and remembered all of their lines!
  5. I was surprised by the number of people who were unfamiliar with the Esther story.  Many of the children had never heard the story before.
  6. It was great to be reminded of the Providence of God.  The hand of God is evident all throughout the story of Esther.  The only explanation for the events that occurred is that God was orchestrating them all.
  7. 30 large pizzas (300 slices) can disappear very quickly – especially when they arrive 45 minutes late!
  8. In many ways, this year’s Music Camp was much more difficult than previous years.  We dealt with sickness throughout the week, discipline problems, & technical issues during the performance!  It really felt like someone was trying to stop the show!
  9. The funniest line from the show was when Xerxes said, “Esther, you are the Persian version of Paula Deen!”
  10. It was disappointing to not have a ‘special part’ for Pastor Brock this year.  Of course, it will be hard to top last year’s stellar portrayal of Goliath.
Pastor Brock as Goliath in our 2010 Music Camp Production

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