Scott, Gary (Dad), & Stephen Simpson

Not everyone has a ‘big brother.’  My children do not have one.  Neither my mother nor my wife have ever had one.  Maybe you have one.  Maybe you do not.  I have an older brother.  God could not have given me a better ‘big brother.’

Today is my brother’s birthday.  Naturally, I have been thinking about him often in the days leading up to today. Why is he such a great brother?  What is it about him that defines him as an ‘Awesome Big Brother?’

I’ve identified three things from his life that make him so great.  Let me share them with you.

Scott with his youngest son Kenny
  • He Loves God – Scott went to college in South Carolina.  Upon graduation, he got a job and stayed in SC.  He developed roots, married, had children, advanced in his career, and was firmly planted in strong local church.  Then, God put it on his heart to uproot his family and move to Polk City, FL.  God put the ministry of Camp Gilead on his heart.  Scott left the comforts of his life in South Carolina for the uncertainty of camp ministry.  He did this because of his love for God.

    I see his love for God all throughout his life.  His love for God is what makes him an excellent husband, father, son, and brother.  The way that he treats me, his ‘little brother,’ further demonstrates his love for God.

  • He Loves His Family – Whenever I am around him, I am reminded of how much Scott loves his family.  I really believe that he would do anything for them.  He is a ‘family man.’  It is encouraging to me to have an older brother that takes care of his family.  He is an example to me in the way that he demonstrates faithfulness and commitment to his wife and children. 

    Scott also loves his extended family.  He continues to honor our Mom and Dad.  He not only shows love to me, he loves my wife and my children.  My children love ‘Uncle Scott.’  They would not love him if he had not first shown love and kindness to them.

  • He is Generous – I cannot imagine another brother being more generous to me than my brother.  As far back as I can remember, he has always been kind and generous to me.  One memory that stands out is my first wedding anniversary.  I was in the hospital with my wife who was recovering from an emergency C-section.  Scott called and brought us Sonny’s so that we could celebrate our anniversary.  I could tell story after story of his generosity to me as well as to others.  

If you are an older brother, learn from the example of Scott Simpson.  Ask yourself this question, “What would my younger siblings write about me?”

Not everyone has an older brother.  I do.  I thank God for him.


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