On Friday and Saturday, Oct. 14 and 15, 2011, women from Faith Baptist Church will join together at Camp Gilead in Polk City, Fla., for a Ladies’ Retreat. This time away together will include fellowship, recreation, main sessions, workshops, and more! Read more about this retreat and learn how you can sign up to attend.


Beth Brown (pictured above with her daughter) was introduced to scrapbooking by friends at the bank where she worked. She says:

“I always enjoyed pictures anyway, but scrapbooking was a really neat way to make it more crafty and more interesting.”

A group of friends and coworkers would scrapbook together, but eventually they lost their meeting space. A couple of years ago, Beth asked permission to hold scrapbooking sessions at church.

“We started meeting, usually one day a month for five or six hours,” says Beth. “Last year we decided that wasn’t enough time, so we started doing it all evening on a Friday and then the next Saturday.”

Beth says it’s nice to be able to leave their stuff out overnight. She says, “We can have anywhere from two people to twelve people, and they come and go as they need to.” These sessions are free and available to all ladies. Beth considers scrapbooking a way to preserve memories and pictures.

She points out that many people have gone digital, but

“I still like the paper books where I can take it to someone and someone can sit down and look at what we’ve done. I like to have something I can present to somebody—whether it’s a gift or something we keep on hand that the kids will take with them,” says Beth.

Beth will be introducing scrapbooking in her workshop at the retreat. She will lead everyone through putting a fall page together that they can take home and add their own photos to. She has already done a lot of the work, with cutting and so forth, to provide the supplies. Beth says, “Even though I’ve cut a lot of the stuff out, everyone’s page will end up looking different. That’s what I’m excited to see.” Come and see for yourself too!


Ruth Wright (pictured at top) and Sue Smith (pictured below) will lead a card-making workshop on encouragement.

Sue Smith made this poster for FX. She used a variety of materials, including “re-purposed” tableware.

Ruth Wright and Sue Smith, relative newcomers to Faith Baptist Church, are leading a workshop on encouragement. Both Sue and Ruth are card makers and will help the ladies who attend the encouragement workshop make cards too. She says,

“When you make something for someone, that lets them know that they’re very special. It’s a part of you that you’re sending them. I think that when people make cards, it sends a special message.”

Ruth has always tried “to say positive things to people, especially when they were going through trials.” She says that making and sending cards

“is one way we can let people know we are thinking of them, especially when they’re going through a trial. When I started making cards, it was simply by making a picture and coloring it in with chalk.”

Sue Smith, designer of this poster, can help you uncover your creativity and discover your ability to make cards and encourage others. Join her and Ruth Wright for the workshop on encouragement through card-making!

Come to the workshop, make cards, and spread encouragement!

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