Join the women of Faith Baptist Church at a ladies’ retreat on Oct. 14 and 15. Costs vary, giving you options. $20 is due at registration. The last day to register is this Sunday, Oct. 2. (Balance due Oct. 9.) The retreat is being held at Camp Gilead, Polk City, Fla.
3 Rs of Parenting
Workshop leader Jill Osborne (pictured above with her family) says, “Of course there are more than just three” Rs of parenting, “but I’m going to talk about only three basic disciplines that if you practice them, God can bless your parenting.”
Jill says the Lord has shown her and her husband (Pastor Osborne) these three Biblical, commonsense principles “that have really worked—not just with our children, but as we’ve observed other people.”
Jill has observed that moms can become uptight about parenting. These 3 Rs will encourage mothers that parenting is not as difficult it might seem. Jill says that grandmothers can benefit from these three principles but that the workshop is geared more toward younger moms because “you develop your parenting style really early, and it determines how your kids turn out.”
Jill has learned these Biblical principles primarily through experience, so Jill will be sharing answers that God has given her along the way. If you’re a young mother, soon to be a mother, or hoping one day to be a mother, plan to attend Jill’s workshop!
Prayer Journaling
Nadine Gentry, an experienced Bible study leader, will lead the workshop on prayer journaling. To find out more about Nadine click HERE.
She says the first time she did prayer journaling—even though she hates writing—was when her children were in high school. Life with three teens was busy, and Nadine quit journaling her prayers for a while.
In 1994, Nadine took a Bible study that encouraged journaling. Based on Philippians 4:6 and 7, she began writing out her prayers and listing her concerns. She has not stopped journaling since.
Nadine says journaling does more than give you a record you can go back to look at. “It helps you focus on prayer, and the Holy Spirit will guide your prayers,” she says. Nadine says three things have contributed to her spiritual growth: prayer journaling, Bible study, and praying facedown. “Prayer journaling is so important to me,” she says. “It increases dependence on God and faithfulness. And when I get discouraged, I can get my prayer journals, look at them, and see where God has answered them or how He has answered them or areas that I’m still struggling with that I struggled with years ago. When you really look at it, there are many things that you don’t realize you’re growing in until you go back and see where you were,” says Nadine.
Come to Nadine’s workshop to be strengthened, challenged, and encouraged!
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