If you are registered to attend the Ladies’ Retreat on Oct. 14 and 15 but don’t know which workshops interest you or what your “alternate choices” will be if you cannot attend your first choices, check out two of the workshops below and find links to many of the other workshop at the bottom or this article.

Couponing Workshop

If you’re using coupons to save 10¢ here and 50¢ there, you’re not using coupons to their full potential. Missy Eby’s couponing workshop at the Ladies’ Retreat will help you make the most out of saving money with coupons!
Missy Eby (pictured above) appears on TLC’s reality show Extreme Couponing. Using coupons, she once spent only $4 for $1160 worth of products!
Workshop leader Missy Eby says she got involved in couponing out of necessity. “We needed to survive financially because we were not making ends meet on a weekly basis. So I started couponing, and we have been making it ever since.”
Missy took a 30-minute class on couponing at a friend’s home, where she learned the basics. About three weeks later, she started hosting classes herself, and now she has taught over 13,000 families!
Missy says her workshop will teach wives “how to be good stewards of their money and helping their family finances and just making sure that they can provide for their family.”
Come to Missy’s workshop to learn from an experienced “couponer,” who is in her second season as a cast member of TLC’s Extreme Couponing!

Organization Workshop

The organization workshop will be led by Karen Hafner, who will address the “most important places in the home that need organizing to keep the function and flow of the home going smoothly.” Karen will also talk about adding distinctive design flair in the areas that are organized.
Karen says, “Sometimes we feel that organizing is just a big, huge task, that a lot of times we don’t even want to begin to tackle. And there are some simple guidelines that you can go by when you’re learning to organize certain areas and purging certain areas. I truly believe that the more organized you are, the more efficient you are. Efficiency is the goal—not that you can do everything faster, but that you can enjoy the things you’re supposed to be doing instead of having so much mental clutter that weighs you down from doing the things God would have you do.”
Karen suggests that women of all ages can benefit from this workshop. She says, “I used to think that women raising a family with small children at home” would benefit most from help in getting organized, but she has offered help long enough now to know that even retired women with both spouses at home say, “Why do I have so much stuff, and where do I put it?” Karen concludes that needing to organize one’s home applies to all age groups.
So no matter your age or home, come to Karen’s workshop and learn how to organize with flair!
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