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For Patty Dawson, neither trials nor joy in trials is a mere theoretical concept or doctrinal belief—Patty has experienced terrible trials and has learned to how to have joy in them.
Patty’s experience in trials includes
  • A difficult marriage during ongoing trials.
  • A dangerous delivery during childbirth. Patty almost lost her own life during the birth of her daughter Abigail, who suffered brain damage.
  • Loss of a close support network. Patty and her family moved from Lake Placid to Winter Haven to secure full-time care for Abigail.
  • The death of another daughter, killed by a drunk driver.
  • The death of a brother. Shortly after Patty’s daughter was killed, her brother passed away from cancer.
  • Abandonment (with no financial support) and then divorce by her husband.
  • Going back to school to get a degree as a doctor of audiology.
  • The death of Abigail. The Lord took Abigail Home in 2008.
Patty started writing a 30-day devotional on trials—what they are, what they help you with, and what they do for you. Joy in trials, the theme of the devotional, is based on James 1:2. Patty’s devotional led to the start of a ladies’ Sunday School class and now to this workshop* at the Ladies’ Retreat.
One of Patty’s friends asked Patty to meet with her to go over the truths Patty had learned and written in her devotional. Soon others joined them, and a class was formed. The class has finished the study on trials but is studying Ephesians 6 and the armor of God for spiritual battle. She says,

“Trials are intended to try out, or test, or prove your faith. And faith is your shield in your armor for spiritual battle.”

She says the ladies in her class are moving slowly and in much detail through their study of the different pieces of the armor for spiritual battle. As for the workshop, Patty says,

“I’m going to talk about ways that you can find joy in trials, the reason why you can find joy in trials. The word ‘count’ [in James 1:2] means ‘to bring or lead you into’ joy. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong in being upset when a trial comes—that’s a normal thing to have happen—but what God wants for you is for you to allow that trial to lead you into joy because—the next verse says ‘because’—because the testing of your faith brings about perseverance, patience, which is a steadfastness, a strength to stand.”

If you are going through trials right now or are barely hanging onto your joy, come to Patty’s workshop and discover what the Lord has for you there!

*Please bring your Bible to this workshop.
Singing Workshop

Join your voice with other ladies’ voices to sing “Broken and Spilled Out” under the direction of Jan Sawders (pictured above).

Jan says she has been singing for as long as she can remember. She has directed children’s choirs and dramas, and currently directs the Oakwood Estates Choir, which presents four theme-related concerts a year. Jan learned about singing, music, and directing during her high school years. She says,

“I had an excellent choir director in high school, and I believe a lot of training came from him. We did a lot of Latin. When you do that, you learn to say your words correctly and learn various kinds of music.”

Jan not only sings in our church choir, but she has on occasion served as substitute director for Pastor Jerry. She will be giving her workshop Friday night in preparation for the Retreat Choir’s ministry in the Saturday-morning main session. In addition to practicing “Broken and Spilled Out,” those who attend the workshop will enjoy the interactive introduction Jan has planned.

So, come to Jan’s workshop Friday night, learn about music, and immediately use your gift of singing to minister to the other women at the Ladies Retreat!


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