Do we really need another Mission Agency?  Perhaps when you heard about Faith Baptist Mission you had that exact thought.  We, Faith Baptist Church, believe there is a better way to do missions.

We believe that Missionaries should be the responsibility of their sending church not their sending agency.  The New Testament speaks of sending churches not sending agencies.  This may seem obvious, but consider the current independent Baptist missionary landscape.

Most missionaries work with a mission agency.  This agency will train them.  It will tell them where they can go.  It will tell them how much money they need to raise.  It will tell them when they can go.  It will tell them when to come home for furlough.

Where is the sending church in all of this?
Too often the role of the sending church is simply to plan the commissioning service.  Once they are sent, the sending church often blends into the background and becomes one of the multitude of that missionary’s supporters.  Obviously, there are glorious exceptions to this.  I am exaggerating to make a point.

The perspective of FBM is very different.  We believe that it is the responsibility of the local church to train their missionaries.  We don’t have candidate schools.  The local church should do this.  We don’t provide cross-cultural training.  The local should do this.  We don’t offer language classes.  The local church should make arrangements for this.


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