Mary & Michael Meehan
 Here is part 2 of Mary’s testimony.  If you haven’t already done so, make sure you read part 1 first.

I have read since then that it is often the highly religious female between the vulnerable ages of 11 -13 that gets enticed into the occult. Add any family history of occult involvement and the door has already been left ajar. I went to my mother at one point to tell her what was happening and that I was afraid, and she told me that when she was young she use to leave her body and travel in her spirit. I can only presume that I have other ancestors that had similar experiences. I learned that I could do much with a deck of cards, as the icy breeze was there when I picked them up. I could pull an ace out without looking, every time. I never lost at a game of solitaire. The heavy hand that Satan holds one of his is depressing and oppressive. I always said that I knew there is a God, because I knew there is a Satan. The worse thing of all was that I would pray and no one was there. Even worse than that, when I prayed I felt a terrible fear that centered deep inside me. I stopped trying to pray.

We moved as a family away from my friend and this seemed to loosen the tight grip that was on me. I eventually got involved with drugs, and depression and anxiety were a constant companion. I married my high school sweetheart, he was in the Coast Guard and we moved to Virginia where he was stationed. How I missed the God I remembered from my childhood! Such emptiness. My husband at that time would work as a bartender in the evenings. I would play solitaire. I also started watching Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. He would say the oddest things!
I remember every detail from the night I got saved. I did not know that I got saved that night until later, because I knew nothing about “getting saved”. I was sitting on the couch, alone, when it was as if a light came on in my brain and understood for the first time that Jesus had died on the cross for our sins. Catholics are not taught this, and quite truthfully I always wondered why He did. But then, it was made clear; He had died for me, for my sins! I was so excited I exclaimed out loud: “so that’s why You died on the cross”! Then I heard in my head as clear as can be: “I have forgiven you-now you must forgive yourself”. At that same moment a most wonderful thing happened; something came off my back! I felt it release and float away! The power of God was in that room with me, actually seemed as a light. I did not know what happened that night but I knew that it was very good. I told my husband the next morning “that I talked to God last night”. We went to a catholic church at my insistence the following Sunday. When we got in the car he said we wouldn’t be going back to a catholic church.
We moved to Alaska a very short time after my salvation experience and everyone I met I would ask if they knew of a Bible study. My soul was so hungry for God. Finally, someone did and they gave me a phone number. A car picked me up with some ladies and the short little funny looking lady in the front seat looked me in the eye and said: ”So are you saved?”. I stuttered some awkward response. Her name was Joyce Briggs, and some people were uncomfortable around her because all she talked about was the Bible, but to me she was God’s special gift. She took me under her wing and spent much time teaching me God’s word.
After our 2 year tour in Alaska we returned to Maryland. Shortly after that Joyce’s daughter wrote to tell me that she had fallen off a cliff and died when she was walking the dog. I am forever grateful for her in my life. I am also thankful for my first pastor, who took where I had come from seriously and taught me to claim the blood of Jesus for myself and future generations.
I thank God almost everyday for the last 39 years that He had mercy on me and saved me. I have a respect and a fear of Satan. He is not to be messed with. Children can open the door to let him enter with seemingly innocent activities. Ouija boards, horoscopes, stories about witches or wizards, certain music, drugs.
Remember, “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12-13) So, again I say “Thank you, Jesus”.

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