5 Books I Read in 2011

  • Unbroken (by Laura Hillenbrand) – A story that demonstrates the depths of man’s sin and the greatness of God’s grace. The book is a biography of the life of Louis Zamperini, Olympic distance runner and WW2 POW. A must read.  (Read an extended review on our blog.)
  • The Valley of Vision – A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions (by Arthur Bennett) This is a resource that I go to several times throughout the year. The audio version is nice as well. The prayers of the Puritans challenge me like nothing else when it comes to my spiritual life. Their desire for holiness and sensitivity to sin causes me to look inward in honest evaluation each time I read or listen. Highly recommended.
  • John MacArthur-Servant of the Word and Flock (by Iain H. Murray) – This is a good book for those who want to know of MacArthur’s background as well as ministry successes and challenges. Recommended for those seeking to serve in the pastorate.
  • The Practice of Godliness (by Jerry Bridges) – An older book that I actually reread. Great for refocusing priorities and self-examination.
  • At the Throne of Grace – A Book of Prayers (by John MacArthur) – Nice collection of prayers by MacArthur that are built around various themes.

6 Books I Intend to Read in 2012

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