(Josiah Benton Simpson – born December 16, 2011)

Dear Son,

It is hard to believe that you are finally here.  When I look at you, I see myself.  It is a strange feeling.  It feels like I have the opportunity to start my life all over again.

Someday, you may be able to understand how amazing it is that you are here.  Your mother was pregnant 4 times.  Each time, she was fiercely sick.  Our doctor has said that she almost died two different times.  After her third pregnancy, our doctor strongly encouraged us to not have any more children.  That was a difficult message to hear.  As time passed, we healed and prayed.  We sensed that God might want us to travel through one final pregnancy.  God chose to bless us with you, Josiah.  It is important for you to realize that God brought you into this world.  Your birth truly was a miracle.

Son, it is my prayer that you will grow up to be a godly man.  In order for this to happen, you must submit to authority.  This is no easy task.  Tragically, as you grow up, you will meet many men who have never been taught this lesson.  All of us are under authority.  A godly man submits to authority with a humble attitude.  You will be under someone’s authority all of your life.  There will be the authority of your parents, teachers, boss, local church, government, and most all, God.  Son, I promise that I will help you learn to submit to authority.  I will endeavor to exemplify godly submission to authority in my own life.

Secondly, godly men work hard.  God expects us to work hard and to provide for our families.  As you will see, too many men are lazy.  Many of them intentionally avoid working and allow others to provide for them and their families.  Josiah – Don’t be lazy.  Work hard.  Be a good steward of the body and mind that God has given you.  Again, I promise to exemplify hard work before you.  It will be easier for you to learn how to work hard if you see this quality in me. 

Finally, a godly man handles money wisely.  Son, money is powerful. It can do great things.  It can also be very deadly and destructive.  Any money we have is given to us from God.  He expects us to steward it well.  Josiah, I promise to teach you about money.  I will teach you how to spend it, how to save it, and how to give it away.  I will teach you this with my words as well as with my actions.

Being a godly man involves much more that these three principles.  But, the godliest men I know do all three of these things extremely well.

Josiah – I love you.  I promise to tell you this with my words and with my actions.  I promise to love your mother and to stay faithful to her because I know the consequences of failing to do this. I look forward to talking to you and to listening to you.  I look forward to the time that God gives us together on this earth.




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