(originally posted September 8th, 2011)

Sunday is September 11th.  It has been 10 years since the horrific attacks on our country.  If you are like me, you remember exactly where you were when you heard about the attacks.  I was a college student at Bob Jones University and was sitting in chapel when I first learned about the attacks.  I remember walking out of chapel and seeing a girl sitting in the back row.  She was clutching her cell phone, rocking in her seat, and sobbing.  I don’t know her story, but I still see that image when I think about September 11th.

This video shares an unbelievable story.  Peter Scheibner, BJU senior cinema student, portrays the compelling testimony of his father, Steve Scheibner, an American Airlines pilot whose life was spared when a more senior pilot bumped him from Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.


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