This past summer, FBC held it first-ever FX camp at Camp Gilead.  This massive undertaking was a tremendous success.  Our thanks go to Jonita Barram for putting this photo collection together so that you can get an inside look at this exciting week.

Fifty-two “FX kids” get together at Camp Gilead for the first-ever FX Camp, Aug. 5–9, 2012.

Sean Fielder, director of FX, says, “Let us never say, ‘There is no room, come back later.’ I have learned that if God sends someone our way, it is a divine appointment. Praise God for letting us watch Him save people!
You Did What?
Gifts from members of Faith Baptist Church paid for 52 students to attend the first FX Camp at Camp Gilead. In addition to room and board, the church paid for special activities, such as zip-line/high ropes and paintball, and providing $20 for each camper to spend at the camp store.
Campers who choose to do the high ropes are bused to Fantasy of Flight for the ropes and zip line. Sometimes they’re a little intimidating.
Riding the zip line is a favorite activity at FX Camp.
FX Campers learn that it takes balance to succeed, and it helps to have a safety harness and trained  helpers—That sounds like life too!
Although about 90 percent of the campers don’t know how to swim, they don life jackets and go out to the trampoline.
Jonathan Fielder rides the “tube” with two campers. He was a junior counselor, working with eight boys, ages 10–12. Derrick, 10, reports: “When I was swimming with him [Jonathan], he always fell off. Two kids fell off. Then one of them went back on the boat. Then after that we had another turn, and I went on the boat.”
Tubing is a favorite lakefront activity. Most of the campers have never been tubing before this week. Jamie Simmons says, “Oh, the screams are just awesome.” Gary Simpson says, “When they get off, they say, ‘I want to go again! I want to go again!’ ”
The waterfront is a busy place!
Kids 12 and older play paintball, a first for many.
Jerrid, 10, describes the camp store: “It’s nice. You can hang out there and talk to your friends that you don’t get to, because they separate the older boys from the younger boys and the boys from the girls.”
Campers react to a live snake, one of the “Creation Critters.”
It’s All about Getting to Know You
Hannah Long, junior counselor to eight girls, ages 7–11, says, “I like to get to know them. They’re really sweet.”
Sara McMahon spent the week at camp, bonding with and loving the campers. 
Shelsetta Douglas, who works with FX girls during the school year, helps in a variety of ways at camp, including securing boys’ life jackets.
Shelsetta’s love for the girls has helped her win several to salvation in Jesus Christ. 
Jocelyn, 10, likes the camp staff “because they’re nice. They help us with stuff that we need help with.” 
There’s not a lot of kids, so it’s easier to get closer to the kids and talk to them. It’s been really good,” says one of the summer staff.
Every camper that comes through needs someone to love them, show them that they’re cared for, and to show them the gospel,” says senior counselor Caleb Jones. “That’s what it’s all about. Kids are kids—it doesn’t really matter who they are or where they’re from.”

The Serious Stuff – Every morning, the campers used the S.O.A.P. method

S = Scripture
O = Observation
A = Application
P = Prayer
A camper gets a hand up. Many camp activities foster cooperation and teamwork. 
Christina Acree, Lauren Dyess, Jonathan Fielder, Joseph Fielder, Cody Hancock, and Dakota Hancock lead the campers in praising God. Pastor Chris Elrod held the campers’ attention as he preached from God’s Word, illustrated from his own life, and applied God’s Word to the campers’ lives.
What Was It All For?

Fourteen campers made salvation decisions during FX camp. Many of them came forward in church Aug. 26, indicating a desire to obey the Lord by being baptized. 
Jamie Simmons – photographer
Editors’ notes: This report is a summary. It leaves out a lot, including the names of many of the Faith volunteers—our apologies to them. Also, speakers quoted in a caption do not necessarily appear in the accompanying photo. And last but not least, sincerest thanks to Jamie Simmons, who recorded FX Camp with her camera, and to Hope Olden for the photos taken at Fantasy of Flight.


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