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May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to “Honor your father and mother.”  It is always right to honor your mother.  This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother.  Today’s post comes from a new mother in our congregation – Sarah Parmer

I smile to myself because the answer to this question is quite simple for me. My mother is great because not only is she my mother, she’s also my best friend. Most women come to this realization when they’ve become an adult. I knew that my mother was my best friend when I was young.

The Ruby Ring

Growing up, my mother made every holiday and occasion special. She always put a lot of thought into a gift before she gave it. There is one gift, in particular, that I cherish more than the others. As a child, I can remember playing in my mother’s jewelry box. She had two rings that I distinctively remember. One was an aquamarine solitaire, her birthstone, and the other had two flowers cut out of rubies. She’d let me look at them, but I wasn’t allowed to wear them. In May of 2005, my family celebrated with me as I graduated from college. I received many wonderful gifts that day, but the gift inside a small box is the one I remember the most. That gift was from my mother and inside the box was the ruby ring from her jewelry box. I remember looking at her, the ring in the box, and then back at her with confusion. She had once told me that my grandparents had given her the ring as a gift. All at once, everything began to make sense. My grandparents had given her the ring as a college graduation gift and she was doing the same for me. All of my graduation gifts are special to me as are those who gave them, but the most special gift of all that evening was the beautiful ruby ring and the look of pride in my mother’s eyes as she gave it to me.

She Has Always Been There

My mother has always been a shoulder when I’ve needed someone to lean on. From the devastating heartbreak I felt when a boy in school didn’t like me back to hearing the news from my specialist that conceiving a child was going to be a little harder for my husband and me, she has always been there for support. I can recall my first day of middle school. I was a brand new sixth grader in a sea of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. My mother drove me to school that morning and walked me onto the campus. The bell hadn’t rung yet, and students weren’t allowed inside the halls. I can remember standing in the courtyard with my backpack on and telling my mother not to leave just yet. She was going to be late to work, and she reminded me of that fact several times, but she didn’t leave. She stood in that courtyard with what I’m sure felt like millions of preteens and waited until I told her it was ok for her go. My mother has always been there for me when I’ve needed her the most.

She Has Loved Me Through It All

Now that I’m a mother myself, I truly understand the depth of my own mother’s love for me. She has put up with a lot from me over the years. From my relentless cries as a newborn (apparently I was a terrible baby!) to my sassy, obnoxious mouth as a teenager, she has loved me through it all. And I know she’ll continue to love me– that’s what makes all mothers so special.


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