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In Gratitude to Risk Management

At times—to be honest, most of the time—I have wished more people would help out in Sparks during the Awana year. It would help tremendously to have more listeners while the kids say their verses, more tutors to help kids learn their verses, and more “supervisors” to oversee the children during Bible time, when minds wander and bodies wiggle.

If it weren’t for that huge restriction that people have to have been members in good standing for six months before they can work with children, we probably could have more workers.

But that restriction is absolutely necessary. Bible-preaching churches have learned from recent history—and, sadly, not just from the history of the Roman Catholic Church—that ministries must be proactive in protecting children.

If your heart has even a drop of resentment toward Faith’s Risk Management Committee, I invite you to read “Still an Easy Target” by Voyle A. Glover in the May/June Baptist Bulletin. Two other articles deal with related issues: “Betrayal, Fear, and Faith,” by Sue Nicewander, and “Ministry Conflict of Interest,” by Kevin Vanderground.

I thank God for the members of the Risk Management Committee, who have kept Faith Baptist Church’s ministries from being easy targets—in more ways than just protecting our children. Thanks, y’all!


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