Pastor Osborne

God has given us a great assignment. As believers in Christ, our mission is to go everywhere and tell people the gospel of Christ, baptize those who are saved in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and disciple those who have been saved and baptized.

So in 2015 let us:

  1. Be consistently faithful in the tasks God has given us to do
  2. Be disciplined and organized in order to fulfill our responsibilities
  3. Always be consumed with the glory of God
  4. Be committed to praying big prayers everyday
  5. Be content to serve the Lord where we are, and when He decides, He will move us
  6. Be reminded of and talk about the faithfulness of God demonstrated in and through our lives
  7. Be comfortable with the way God made us and develop the gifts God gave us by using them to encourage others
  8. Be confident in the Lord and He will give us strength to face everyday struggles
  9. Be passionate, assertive, and determined when it is time to act.
  10. Be absolutely certain that God is able to give us His solutions and victories in the everyday battles of life, whether large or small.

This year, may God hear loud and clear from us our sacrifice of praise no matter what!

I love you all,

Pastor Osborne

*This note from Pastor is taken from his 2014 Annual Report. To read the rest of his report as well as reports from all staff and ministry leaders, click the button below.



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