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We live in a changing world.  Nations rise and fall.  Terrorist groups rise and fall.  Political leaders come and go.  Change is expected and inevitable.  We see change all around us.  My children are constantly changing.  They are changing physically and intellectually.  I find also that I am constantly changing.  I am either growing closer to Christ or fading away from Him.  There is almost nothing that is changeless.

Except for one thing – God’s Word.

God’s Word is “firmly fixed” wrote the Psalmist in chapter 119.  For thousands of years, the Word of God has remained constant.  It has not changed.  What a contrast this is with the world around us!  God’s Word is like a lighthouse that stands strong in the midst of a mighty hurricane.  It does not move.  It is not shaken.  It is not destroyed.

Consider this:

  • During our country’s Civil War, hundreds of thousands of men died.  Our country changed forever, but God’s Word did not.
  • On December 7, 1941, the world forever changed, but God’s Word did not.
  • On September 11, 2001, the world forever changed, but God’s Word did not.

Think about the highs and lows of your own life.  They have changed you.  They have altered you.  And yet, the Word of God never changed.  Perhaps you lost a spouse or a child.  Perhaps you felt that the entire world was falling down around you.  And yet, the Word of God was still the same.  It was still there.  It is ‘firmly fixed.’

Our upcoming Mission Conference will celebrate “The Changeless Word in a Changing World.”  I invite you to join us Feb 20-22 for this unique conference.  Here is a brief schedule for our conference.

  • Friday, 2/20, 7pm – opening service in the Sanctuary
  • Saturday, 2/21, 8am – Breakfast in FLC Gym followed by Missionary Round Robin Sessions
  • Sunday, 2/22 – regular schedule for services; fellowship following the evening service

As usual, we will have an exciting Kid’s Conference that runs concurrently with our Mission Conference.

The following missionaries & speakers will be with us this year:

  • Jon & Jen Reiner, BMM, Brazil
  • Scott & Lauralie Brock, ABWE, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Rob Wamsley, FBC, Haiti

Make plans now to be a part of this exciting conference!

Happy Friday!


PS – Congratulations to one of our members, Adam Smith.  Adam is a 4th grade teacher at Brigham Academy in Winter Haven and was selected as the Polk County Teacher of the Year!  Read more about this.


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