Fine Arts Academy

In the fall of 2009, FBC began its Fine Arts Academy.  Since that time, countless students have received private instruction on their instrument.  We have been blessed to teach students of all ages.  Some have come for just one lesson.  Others have remained for years.  Through it all, God has blessed as we have sought to provide God-honoring excellent instruction.

Monday, marks the beginning of our 8th year of teaching.  It is amazing to see how God has blessed this ministry.  This past year saw us host our second Sacred Music Competition which we hope to continue again this year.  I am looking forward to seeing what God will continue to do with this ministry.

Why do we do this?

Why has FBC taken on this ministry?  Why do we not simply refer these interested students to the local music store?  Historically, churches were always centers of musical training.  Nowadays, that is seldom true.  Let me share 3 reasons why FBC has taken the unique step of establishing a Fine Arts Academy (FAA).

  1. Identification – One reason we began our FAA is to help us identify those with musical abilities.  Our FAA has helped us identify individuals with the ability to play piano during our services, sing in our choir, and play in our orchestra.  Additionally, our FAA helps us identify younger students with the potential to one day serve in our music ministries.  Identifying these individuals helps us provide opportunities for them to serve.  It is very simple.  If we do not know who has musical abilities, then we cannot help them use those musical abilities.
  2. Inspiration – A second reason for our FAA is to inspire.  We want to encourage and motivate individuals to use their musical abilities in their local church.  One of our primary goals is to develop church musicians.  We want to train these individuals to serve effectively in their local church.
  3. Instruction – A third reason for our FAA is very simple – instruction.  Church musicians need quality instruction.  Too often, especially in our independent Baptist circles, we have many willing musicians who have not received any quality training.  A willing heart is a wonderful start.  But, ideally it will be paired with exceptional musicianship.  We aim to provide excellent instruction.  Private weekly instruction when paired with consistent and quality practice will lead to the development of a fine musician.

In short,

Our FAA seeks to produce quality musicians who love the Lord and have a strong desire to use their musical talents in their local church.

Stop Hiding

Sadly, many fine musicians sit anonymously in the pew of their local church.  Their church is simply unaware of their hidden musical talent.  What greater joy can there be than using your talents for the glory of God?  If this is you, stop hiding your talents!  Use them.  Honor God with the talent he has given you.  I know it requires a time commitment.  I know it may be hard.  But, I also know that it will be rewarding to you and it will honor God.


Let me close with this.  I stay active with many piano accompanying opportunities in our community.  These are often very rewarding musically.  I enjoy the opportunity to play quality music with other fine musicians.  But these opportunities are not rewarding spiritually.  They pale in comparison to the musical opportunities I have at church.  Church music is tremendously rewarding in a spiritual sense.  The difference is the audience.  Church music is presented to bring honor and glory to Almighty God.  That is vastly different than playing a Mozart Violin Concerto before a judge.

Hopefully, all of this makes sense.  You can learn more about our Fine Arts Academy on our website.  You can also simply contact me if you have any questions.


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