Mary & Michael Meehan
 Michael & Mary Meehan are members of our church.  Today, Mary shares part 1 of her testimony – an amazing story of the grace of God.

I was raised in a very Irish catholic home and had some Aunts that were nuns.  I attended Catholic school from 1st to 8th grade. We had Mass everyday until the 5th grade when they decided it was no longer necessary for us to have everyday mass. I was very religious. During playground time I would sneak over to the church and pray to the statues. I remember it so well – St. Joseph on the left, Mary, mother of Jesus on the right. Jesus was on the cross in the center. My favorite was St. Theresa in the back right hand corner.

Sometime during one of those “holy playground” times I decided that I wasn’t going to pray to the statues anymore.  In fact, I decided I wasn’t going to pray to anyone but Jesus. I guess the Holy Spirit was directing me a bit even back then. My plan was to be a nun, hopefully a martyr, and if all went well a saint. All did not go well. A couple of things happened, two major things actually.

  • One, I became interested in boys and I could not figure out how I could make them and the nun/martyr/saint thing work together. 
  • Two, I was invited over a friends house for a sleepover.
My friend’s parents owned a motel and we were spending the night in one of the rooms. Somebody brought a Ouija Board. No one was having much luck with it. Judy, who was my closest friend, and I, did not try it then. After everyone started falling asleep we took it off to the side away from everyone else. The memory of what happened next is imbedded in my mind. It changed my life forever. As my hand touched the center piece a cold, icy breeze engulfed it. The piece began to move around the board on it’s own accord. Swiftly moving about-we could barely keep holding on to it. It spelled out words, words that I no longer remember. We were alone, everyone else was sleeping, and we were afraid. We put it away. It wasn’t long though until we were discussing what had happened and wondering if we could do it again. But how, since we did not have a Ouija Board? We ended up making it by hand, we used a milk bottle cap for the center piece. It worked! The piece started moving. We soon realized that it was mainly me that the piece was moving through. We called in Judy’s brother as a witness and blindfolded me to test it. Judy asked questions-I answered them using the piece and the letters on the board with the blindfold on. The icy cold breeze would be on my hand.
My friend and I spent hours everyday “playing on the Ouija Board”. At first it was fun, the “spirits” were nice and gentle, or so it seemed to us. The longer we played the darker they got. The presence around us was heavy and oppressive. We started becoming fearful. We would pray and hold the crucifix when we used the board. We stopped using the board but by then it was too late, at least for me….

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