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Have you ever heard of April Faith Day?  Hopefully, if you are a part of FBC, you will answer YES.  Every year since 2000, April Faith Day has been held on the first Sunday of April.  On this day, we take a sacrificial offering.  Since 2000, over $2,100,000 has been sacrificially given through our April Faith Day offerings.   Our average offering has been over $130,000.  The purpose of April Faith Day has been to give gifts to missionaries all over the world and help fund our Building Fund and Faith’s 100.

One hallmark of April Faith Day is the gifts that are given away each year.  Each year, several gifts are given from the offering that is collected.  Since 2000, over $325,000 has been given away.  Consider some of the gifts that have been given in the past.

  • $10,000 to help Russian children attend summer camp
  • $10,000 to help an African pastor buy a truck that will assist him in ministry
  • $10,000 to help an African school build and furnish a classroom building
  • $10,000 to help a church in The Philippines finish their building project
  • $5,000 to help a Haitian orphanage
  • $15,000 to help a local safe-house for victims of human-trafficking
  • many more gifts to local Camps, foreign missionaries, & other mission agencies

April Faith Day is always a significant day.

April Faith Day promises to be a unique day.  We have the privilege and opportunity to worship God through sacrificial giving.  I encourage you to begin praying about what God would have you to do.  Please do not make a quick decision in the car on the way to church.  Start praying and planning today.  Visit our April Faith Day page to learn specifically about April Faith Day 2016.

Have a Great Day!


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